Skilled Home Nursing Care

The Importance of Incorporating Skilled Nursing Services into Home Care

Quality of life is one of the most important considerations when making arrangements for someone suffering from chronic infirmity or illness.  As we age, many of us reach a  point where we need ongoing assistance with household and personal care tasks and ongoing medical treatment. At one time, that might have prompted the need to move to a long-term care facility. But the addition of skilled nursing services to the beneficial care options provided by home health care companies, many more patients can reap the benefits of remaining in the comfort of their homes.

What Qualifies a Patient for Skilled Nursing Care?

The ability to remain in the familiar surroundings of a longtime residents with the help of skilled home nursing care may improve the prognosis for people faced with the need for long-term care. Thankfully, today, moving to a nursing home or facility featuring assisted living services isn't the only option when you or someone you love faces severe symptoms resulting from a chronic health condition.

Life Care at Home Chicago's home care services is not limited to physical tasks like housekeeping and meal preparation. In many cases, our staff of skilled nurses and medical professionals can provide the type of medical care necessary on-site at each patient's residence.

Our Skilled Home Nursing Care Services 

Basic Medical Care

We help our homecare patients remain as comfortable as possible by eliminating the need to leave home for medical treatment. Our skilled home nursing care includes traditional services for health assessment and support, including:

  • Taking blood pressure and pulse readings.

  • Testing blood glucose levels.

  • Assessing postoperative recovery progress.

  • Patient and family member education.

  • Care for foot issues; which require immediate treatment.

  • Management of urinary catheters, bags, tubes, drains, and other medical equipment.

  • Blood draws.

  • Exercise management and education.

  • In-home therapy sessions.

Wound Treatment

One of the most quickly growing home nursing services in wound treatment. Members of our nursing staff are well-trained and experienced regarding the most current standards of practice regarding overall wound management and the healing process. They are prepared to select and administer the most appropriate up-to-date, effective products and devices available for each wound treatment case.  

Benefits of our in-home wound care services include:

  • The comfort of relaxing at home.

  • Reduced time for healing.

  • Lessened chances of complications.

  • Less time is needed for changing dressings.

  • More positive patient outcomes.

A seamless transition from a health care facility to home treatment with the same efficiency is possible with the caring services of our healthcare professionals. We coordinate the switch, paying strict attention to providing each patient's care, medication, and medical equipment requirements without interruption.  

Medication Management

Our staff of highly trained and experienced nurses provides careful attention to medication supply and precise administration, ensuring the safety of each patient.

Members of our skilled home care nursing staff can also administer:

  • Injections

  • IVs

  • Infusions

Our comprehensive service prevents the difficulty of traveling to a doctor's office or medical facility for routine treatment, a tiring activity for patients of advanced age, or who suffer from a serious illness. But if a trip to a medical facility does become necessary, as mentioned, our transportation service can get the patient there, relieving your family of the responsibility.    

Transportation Assistance

Getting to medical appointments is important. So are other types of necessary trips. You won't have to worry about how your loved one will get to the doctor if they're a client of Life Care at Home. We provide secure transportation for doctor visits and other essential trips. Our patients are in good hands whether receiving nursing services at home or while being transported to doctor's offices or medical centers for essential care.

Life Care at Home could be the answer - for patients who need skilled home nursing care services in the Chicago area:

Struggling with the question of what to do when the physical limitations of advanced age or chronic illness strike can cause much anxiety for the person facing life changes, and family members who must find options and assist in the decision-making process. But our skilled nurses and caregivers are prepared to help our clients receive the care and medical treatment they need within their own homes. 

From basic housekeeping and personal care services for patients recovering from surgery to the complex needs of those suffering from serious symptoms resulting from chronic illness – Life Care at Home serves the home care needs of Chicago area residents.

If you or a loved one is in need of more than minimal health services, yet hoping to remain at home, contact us to discuss our skilled home nursing care services. 

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