Personal Care & Companionship

For many people as they age, the ability to stay in their home in their later years is incredibly important. However, mobility and other medical issues can make it challenging to continue doing so. This is particularly true if family and friends are not nearby.

In-home care is a great solution to this challenge. Our care and companionship services make it possible for our senior community to continue living and thriving at home with tailor-made services.

Each client is an individual with their own needs and lifestyle. Our services are designed to provide the best care possible. In-home companion care services range from a few hours a week to round-the-clock care based on needs. We take the time to match our clients with caregivers that work with their schedules, preferences, and lifestyle. Our caregivers are highly skilled, enthusiastic, and compassionate individuals doing what they love.

Companionship & Transportation

Isolation is a huge concern for seniors living at home. Elderly companion care and transportation are practical and essential solutions to help those in the elderly community stay connected.

Transportation to doctor's appointments, grocery stores, and places of entertainment help clients who no longer drive maintain independence, but most importantly, regular companionship with a trusted caregiver who is focused, reliable, compassionate, and attentive.

For elderly clients who are no longer driving, a lack of transportation can be a massive barrier to living independently. Our services match a safe, experienced caregiver to help with transportation to and from appointments, grocery store trips, and services such as haircuts and picking up prescriptions. Getting out of the house and staying connected to the community is vital for health and well-being, and Life Care at Home can help.

Meal Preparation

Too many seniors living alone are not getting adequate nutrition. Mobility issues may affect the ability to prepare healthy foods, or there may be other challenges. Meal preparation is a service that provides seniors regular, healthy, home-cooked meals and the companionship they need to stay connected, healthy, and safe.

Meal preparation often goes hand in hand with shopping, menu planning, and preparing snacks and beverages. Caregivers will work with clients to ensure proper food storage and safe, healthy food preparation.

Laundry & Light Housekeeping

Everyday chores such as laundry and light housekeeping help the elderly maintain a safe, healthy household with the help of our compassionate, reliable caregivers. A clean, clutter-free home is a safe home, and we can help create an ideal schedule for laundry, cleaning, and other tasks that suit your lifestyle. If you have a family member or loved one who would benefit from the assistance of a caregiver that provides laundry and light housekeeping services, contact us today.

Personal Care & Grooming

Everyone deserves to look and feel their best at any age. An important aspect of elderly companion care is helping clients with personal care and grooming. Trained caregivers are matched with clients to ensure personalized, compassionate, and competent service so they can feel safe and comfortable. 

All people must maintain proper hygiene for health and safety. A caregiver who provides personal care and grooming services can help you or your loved one continue living in your home comfortably.

Round-the-Clock Care

If you or a loved one needs a higher level of care, we can provide that service. Round-the-clock care means your loved one can continue living in the comfort of their own home while being cared for by a trained, experienced caregiver. This is full-time care that includes personal care and grooming, cooking and light housekeeping, transportation to and from appointments, recreation and shopping, and companionship. This high level of care ensures a safe, healthy environment and a caring environment with a caregiver companion who loves their job. We will work together to create a team of professionals dedicated to providing your loved one with the care and help they need for round-the-clock peace of mind.

Elderly companion care is so much more than just shopping, cleaning and helping with personal care. It's also a positive social interaction that helps to uplift and engage seniors. Isolation is a big problem for the elderly and can cause declines in mental and physical health. Companion care is a safe, practical and compassionate solution for seniors who wish to remain in the comfort of their own home.

If you want to learn more about Life Care At Home, you can contact us to set up a consultation. We'll help you craft a care plan that fits your needs and matches you with a trained and reliable companion caregiver.