Post-Surgery Recovery Services

Are you or a loved one planning for post-surgery recovery services? We understand the challenging road a person faces as the healing process begins. Post-surgery recovery is a critical and delicate time when people require the utmost care to ensure a complete recovery. 

Life Care at Home, located in Hyde Park, Chicago, IL, offers post-surgery home care services tailored to our clients’ personal needs. Elderly family members require special attention, especially those suffering from chronic diseases. Hiring competent caregivers helps people experience pleasant and successful recoveries. 

Life Care at Home specializes in skilled nursing care to improve our clients’ quality of life. We provide transport assistance, wound treatment, basic medical care, and medication management.

After Surgery Care Services

Life Care at Home offers various post-surgery care services to hasten our patient’s recovery. Our services include: 

Personal care and grooming

We assist our clients with bathing, dressing, and using the toilet. In addition, we provide a safe and clean environment for a peaceful recovery process.

Transport assistance

We provide transport to doctor appointments, prescription pick-ups, and post office checks to suit our clients' needs. Our drivers will get you to all of your appointments on time and with a smile.

  • Meal Preparation

A healthy diet helps to ensure a complete recovery, and delicious food just makes everything better. We craft customized meal plans to meet our clients’ tastes and needs.

  • Wound Treatment

Incisions from surgery require proper care. Our expert caregivers frequently redress wounds to ensure they are clean and sterile.

  • Medication Management

Our after-surgery home-care team coordinates doctor prescriptions on behalf of our patients. We ensure our clients receive their prescribed medication to manage pain and complications as they arise. Our caregivers can also handle most emergencies that might occur during home care.

Why Choose Surgery Recovery Care from Life Care at Home?

Life Care at Home caregivers guarantee speedy recovery through our personalized services. We offer 24-hour services, so our clients can visit us any time in Hyde Park, Chicago, IL. Our caregivers use attentiveness and compassion to help patients recover from surgery. We coordinate with our clients’ doctors and hospitals to ensure they have the attention and care to recover.

What to Expect from Post-Surgery Care?

As you begin post-surgery care, you can expect caregivers that treat you like family. Our nurses and other caregivers provide various services, including: 

  • Pain Control to enable proper rest and mobility.   

  • Incision Care and wound treatment to protect wounds from infection.

  • Therapy – We help our patients get back on their feet through treatment, as it's a challenging transitional stage back into everyday life.

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Post-Surgery Recovery with Peace of Mind

Our friendly staff aims to build amicable relationships with our clients to provide a sense of community and care. We are always available to chat about movies, hobbies, and other topics of interest. These conversations and connections are essential to a recovering person’s peace of mind and sense of well-being. Our clients and their families rely on us for skilled nursing care, respite care, personal care, and mental health care. 

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