Great Gift Ideas for Nursing Home Residents

A gift can be pleasant when a birthday is coming up, a holiday is approaching, or you simply just want to spoil someone you care about. Finding the ideal gift for your senior loved ones is a big challenge due to their varied and changing needs. Some seniors don't want a lot of clutter in their homes.

Due to space restrictions, some gifts may not be usable for loved ones in nursing homes. But other gifts can bring a smile to their face and make them feel special.

Searching for a great gift suggestion for a senior family member? Life Care at Home gives you a comprehensive guide to finding the perfect gift for the elderly in a nursing home.

Useful and Often Requested Gifts for Seniors during the Holidays and all times of Year

For most seniors, usefulness and practicality are the most important factors. You can put a smile on their faces if you can think of something that will make their lives simpler, healthier, or more enjoyable.

Here are some of the useful and often requested gifts for people in nursing homes that can get you started:

  • Bird feeders and the seed to replenish them.

  • Emery boards and clippers for nails

  • Sweat suits, cotton socks, gripper slippers, and simple clothing to wear and take off at the end of their day.

  • DVDs and CDs of their favorite TV shows, songs, and movies.

  • Individual puddings, cakes, biscuits, and other baked goods. Dishes from their preferred fast-food restaurant include milkshakes, simple-to-chew foods, or sugar-free foods.

  • Games like crossword puzzles, dominoes, and Scrabble.

  • Audiobooks on a portable audio player, books with large text, or adult coloring pages.

  • Crafting materials such as paint-by-numbers supplies, yarn, colored pencils, blunt-tipped, and knitting equipment.

  • Office equipment like small notepads and ballpoint pens.

Food and Time Together are Memorable

Spending time with a friend or senior loved one is one of the nicest gifts for any assisted living resident. No matter the reason for your visit, make sure you spend enough time with them to make them smile. A gift might also be something you do while you are there to make your time together more memorable. For instance, having a meal with your seniors can help break up the boredom of their daily routine and assure them that they are loved and valued.

Most nursing home residents offer complimentary meals to those who visit their elderly loved ones. But if this is not the case where your senior lives, always prepare their favorite meal to share with them. You can also stop at their preferred fast food restaurant along the route and enjoy a delicious meal with them.

Frequent visits to nursing home residents are the best way to encourage your senior loved one to speak up for themselves and build their confidence. Additionally, it makes them proud since they will feel loved rather than abandoned.

Gifts for the Visually Impaired Senior

Here are some gift ideas if your elderly loved one is visually impaired:

  • Large print crosswords, playing cards, or dominoes can help them play games.

  • Audiobooks help them enjoy reading.

  • Socks holders to keep socks together in the hamper during the washing and drying processes and for simple matching when rearranging them in the drawer.

  • For daily functions like large print calendars, portable book stands, talking alarms, or phones with speakerphone options.

  • A talking electronic color identifier makes it easier to match garments and other products for daily use.

  • A stationary bike or other seated fitness equipment is easier to operate for those who are visually impaired.

  • Wireless locator tags and remotes to attach to items that often go missing, such as TV remotes, keys, and other items that may become easily lost.

Gift for the Hearing Impaired Senior

For a senior with hearing problems, you can gift them with the following:

  • Headset for radio, TV, and stereo, along with earbuds or over-the-ear headphones.

  • Watches with vibrating alarms and reminders.

  • Personal amplification systems enable seniors to raise the volume of talks, movies, plays, or any other circumstance where hearing is a problem.

  • A painting kit to keep them happy and develop their creative skills.

  • OrCam hearing aid

Is it a Good Time for In-Home Nursing Care? Contact Life Care at Home

It helps to gift your senior loved one to make them feel proud and special. Although it can be difficult to determine what kind of gift a senior might need, working with a senior-care provider like Life Care At Home can help you grasp some useful and practical gift ideas for people in nursing homes. 

We're here to ensure you put a smile on your senior's face, regardless of whether their needs are distinctive or predictable. Get in touch with our team to learn more about our services in Chicago, IL.

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